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meet the team behind zeEbra Therapy

Meet Our Small and Dedicated Team of Experts

Emma Ahern

MSc SLT BSc (Hons)
Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Emma Ahern is a speech and language therapist, registered with the HCPC, RCSLT and ASLTIP, who has extensive experience in working across the fields of neurodiversity including: autism, ADHD, acquired/traumatic brain injury and childhood trauma. Emma has worked in specialist schools for students with autism. She has also worked in brain rehabilitation working at The Children’s Trust, working with children and teenagers with acquired/traumatic brain injury. Emma later worked in specialist schools for young children with social communication and language difficulties before starting work in the youth justice services where she continued to develop her understanding and skills in the assessment and intervention of childhood trauma and neurodiversity.

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Our approach to therapy prioritises the well-being and the personal wishes of our clients. We do this by going on a journey with our clients by helping them build a positive understanding of who they are, supporting them to feel empowered and to help them develop their self-advocacy skills. We also support out clients by being an advocate for them by educating others on how to advocate for and support our clients at home, in education or in the workplace.

We also offer and incorporate a traditional model of therapy for clients who wish for this support. This means we can offer diagnostic assessments and reports which can be used to support clients with accessing additional services or funding for these services, as well as identifying goals and evidence-based therapy interventions to help develop skills or strategies to improve an identified area of need or difficulty.

Emma’s qualifications and registrations include:

  • Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy (MscSLT), University of Essex

  • Bachelor of Social Science (BSc), University College Dublin

  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) registration

  •  Health Care and Professional Council (HCPC) Registration

  • Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) registration

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) trained.

  • Gestalt Language Processing and Natural Language Acquisition training (June 2023)

  • Manchester Post Basic Dysphagia Course – 2015

Meet 0ur Best and Experienced Team

our TEAM members

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I’m Ellen, a Paediatric speech and language therapist, registered with the HCPC, RCSLT and ASLTIP. 

My therapy approach is always personal and tailored to each individual. Creating a team around the child/young person by working closely with families, carers and professionals, to ensure each individual receives the very best support. I see an individual for all their strengths and think how can we push them further to ensure we can succeed. I will always be the individual behind them telling them they absolutely CAN do it and embracing their differences, this is also at the heart of my own private practice.

I have experience working with children and young people from 2 - 18 years old. In many paediatric settings including, mainstream and complex need schools, nurseries, drop-in clinics, early years, hospital clinics, fluency clinics and voice clinics. I graduated with an MSci in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Reading.

I encourage individuals to embrace who they are and focus on empowerment through a neurodivergent affirming approach. I believe that everyone has the right to communication. 

Originally from Brighton, I now live in Farnham and enjoy going to

the gym, baking, reading and singing. 

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Virtual Assistant

Ella supports the team with making resources, proofreading reports and helping with emails and finances.

Ella is qualified primary school teacher and is currently studying for her MSc Speech and Language Therapy (pre-reg). She also has experience working as a speech and language keyworker.  Outside of work, Ella enjoys beach walks, cooking and yoga.

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