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Gestalt language processing

Speech and Language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Speech and language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Gestalt Language Processing

Gestalt language processing (GLP) is not a diagnosis, but it is a way to describe how some children acquire and develop their language in a way that differs from how kids ‘typically” develop their language. Most kids learn language by starting off with babbling, then single words and eventually longer and more grammatically complex phrases and 
sentences. This is known as “analytic language processing” or ALP for 


GLP is still a natural and normal way to develop language and kids who
learn in this way can still acquire language to the same level as kids who 
learn the ALP way, they just need a few extra steps and bit of
understanding and support to help them get there!


GLP describes how some kids start off talking using longer scripted 
sentences, scripted words or “chunks” of language (i.e. delayed echolalia) 
that hold larger meaning for them. They might “echo”, use or “borrow” this scripted language from TV shows, films, books, songs or from very memorable experiences. They may use the same accent used by characters, use rich intonation and their speech might be very clear or might be long unintelligible strings of speech. Eventually, these kids might move on to mitigate or modify these scripts and over time may even begin to process single words from these larger “chunks”, subsequently starting to form their own novel phrases and sentences in the same way in which ALP learners do.


Click HERE to learn more about GLP and the stages of GLP acquisition.


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Zeebra therapy can support you by:

Zeebra Therapy offers assessment to identify whether your child is a GLP learner, and to identify which stage of GLP they are at. Assessment fees start at £350.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation discussion to find out if we are the right service for you and to find out more about our rates for assessment and therapy provision.

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