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EHCP/EOTAS assessments and
Tribunal expert witness reports

Speech and Language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Speech and language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Legal Support: EHCP/EOTAS and Expert Witness Reports

EHCP stands for Education, Health, and Care Plan. It is a legal document in the United Kingdom that outlines the special educational needs (SEN) of a child or young person and the support they require. These reports are crucial for ensuring that individuals with special educational needs receive
appropriate support and accommodations in their educational settings. EOTAS stands for Education Other Than At School. EOTAS packages refer to educational provisions and support provided to students who, for various reasons, are unable to attend a regular school setting. These packages are designed to meet the educational needs of students outside the traditional school environment. The reasons for requiring EOTAS support can vary and may include health issues, behavioral challenges, special educational needs, or other circumstances that make attending a mainstream school challenging.

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Zeebra therapy can support you by:

Zeebra Therapy offers in-depth assessments and provides impartial expert witness reports to support families with EHCP and EOTAS applications in order to identify your child’s speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), and to recommend outcomes and provisions based on these needs and any other confirmed/identified needs made by other supporting professionals including occupational therapy and educational psychology.

Fees for EHCP/EOTAS and Expert Witness reports start at £950

Zeebra Therapy can also attend tribunal as an expert witness, if required. This is an additional charge to the assessment/report fees. 

Get in touch for a free no-obligation discussion to find out if we are the right service for you and to find out more about our rates for assessment and therapy provision.

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