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Early Childhood Speech and Language needs

Speech and Language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Speech and language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Early Years speech and language needs (0-5 years)

Early childhood is a critical period for speech and language development. Meeting the speech and language needs of young children is essential for their overall communication skills, cognitive development, and future academic success. 1 in 10 children have speech, language and communication needs and the evidence shows that the earlier these needs are identified and met, the better the outcome for their development.

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Some kids just need that bit of extra help and support with their
communication. They might be having difficulty with speech sounds, using or understanding words, following instructions or answering questions, attention and listening needs, or social interaction.

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Zeebra therapy can support you by:

Doing assessments to work out what tour child’s needs
are and what support they might need to help them. Assessment fees start at £350.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation discussion to find out if we are the right service for you and to find out more about our rates for assessment and therapy provision.

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