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Language Disorders (including DLD)

Speech and Language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Speech and language Therapy - Remarkably Unique

Language Disorders (including DLD)

A language disorder is a communication disorder characterised by
persistent difficulties in understanding and/or using words in context, as well as challenges with the social aspects of communication. These
difficulties may significantly affect a person's ability to express themselves, comprehend others, and engage in effective communication. A language disorder may co-exist alongside other diagnoses such as autism, Down Syndrome or a brain injury, When a language disorder is identified and there are no obvious causes such as hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, or neurological conditions, this is called “developmental language disorder”. Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), formerly known as Specific Language Impairment (SLI), is a neurodevelopmental disorder.

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Zeebra therapy can support you by:

Zeebra Therapy offers diagnostic assessments to identify a language disorder or DLD and to capture your child’s profile of language skills and needs. Assessment fees start at £550.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation discussion to find out if we are the right service for you and to find out more about our rates for assessment and therapy provision.

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